Heart of Texas Rally 2012

The 2012 Heart of Texas Rally is now in its 3rd year with many new changes.
One thing that will not change is the fun and the challenge that participants will
experience traveling the highways and byways of Texas on a motorcycle. So if you
can withstand the crazy Texas weather, enjoy riding on roads less travelled, and
like to spend a day on a motorcycle, the Heart of Texas Rally is for you.

To best describe the Heart of Texas Rally, is that it‘s a simple scavenger hunt for
the motorcycle enthusiast. Starting anywhere within the Lone Star State, riders
have twelve hours to route themselves to the finish in Brady, TX at the Holiday
Inn, 2320 South Bridge . The proclaimed Heart of Texas situated on the fringe of
the Hill country. Last year 39 motorcyclists journeyed from as far away as Florida,
New Mexico and Colorado searched for the many bonus locations in all the seven
regions of Texas. Sounds simple enough, in the following you will find info on
what’s new for 2012, how the rally works, rules and the entry application.

What is new for the 2012 Heart of Texas? The first and foremost important is an
entry fee. The inaugural and last year’s HoTs had no entry fee. While I thought I
would never require an entry fee on the Rally, I have decided to have an official
Heart of Texas t-shirt and help out a local nonprofit charity, CASA Childcare in
Brady with a donation, so hence the fee. This organization provides childcare
for at risk families and their children. The entry fee shall be paid when you send
in your entry application. This fee is non-refundable after April 8, 2012. Next
there will be a two-up class. I feel that enough riders would like to include their
better halves and providing a two-up class would open the HoT to more couples.
The HoT Rally alternate starts always have added a little extra challenge to
participants’ routing plans by location and point value. For 2012, the Holiday Inn
Express, 2320 South Bridge in Brady, TX (which is also the finish) will be one of
five alternate starts. The other four locations will be revealed April 1st, 2012.

At 0600 Central Standard Time on April 28th you will need to obtain a computer
generated receipt with the correct date, time, and location from anywhere within
the State of Texas or from one the Alternate Start locations. This is to verify your
start time. It is very important that you acquire this receipt as describe and turn
it in with your rally envelope at the end of the Rally. It will be up to you to make
sure it is printed with all the proper information as described. Showing up at the
finish without it or the incorrect information will cost you of all your points. You
must collect your Alternate Start receipt from 0600 to 0615 to earn its bonus
point value. If you decide to start from Brady, TX the Rallymaster(yours truly)
shall start you at the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express (2320 South Bridge St.
Brady, TX). Important note: You must acquire a start receipt before collecting any

On April 25th, 2012 I will release the Heart of Texas Rally bonus list. The Bonus
list will have the name; a brief description, abbreviated directions, collection

requirement and a GPS coordinate for each bonus. Some collection requirements
could be a photograph, receipt or answer a simple question. Bonus photographs
shall be taken by a digital camera with a removable memory card. Once you
have acquired a start receipt as described, you can now begin collecting bonuses
and make your way to Brady, TX. You have twelve hours and not a second more
to complete this task. Once you arrive in Brady, TX you must check in with the
Rallymaster and staff by 1800 hours at the host motel, the Holiday Inn Express,
2320 South Bridge St (the finish). You then have until 1830 hours to turn in your
camera card and any required receipts or other bonus requirements. A second
past 1830 and you will be considered DNF’ed.

1. As a rider in the HoT Rally you will be expected to follow all the laws of
the State of Texas, its counties and municipalities. Do not ride recklessly and
endanger others or yourself by excessive speed and poor riding decisions.

2. Wear the proper protective gear such as; a helmet, eye protection, boots,
gloves and long pants.

3. As a rider in the HoT Rally you shall have a street legal and properly functioning
motorcycle. As a rider you shall have proper insurance for the motorcycle that
you will be operating during the Rally and a motorcycle endorsed license.

4. No Team riding. All riders of the HoT Rally shall collect their own bonuses and

5. Two up riders shall have a designated operator and a passenger. The passenger
cannot operate the motorcycle at anytime during the rally.

6. All bonus photographs shall have your rally flag included in the picture and be

7. You must arrive and check in by 1800, a second past you will be considered

8. You must have your HoT Rally envelope handed in by 1830, a second past and

you will be considered DNF.

9. The decisions of the rally master are final.

2012 Heart of Texas Rally

The following information and entry fee will need to be sent to me no later than
April 8th, 2012. All entries after April 8th, 2012 shall pay a late fee of $15.00 and
will be non-refundable.

Passenger name if applicable:

Make and model of the motorcycle you be using for the rally:

An email address that you will use for Heart of Texas Rally updates and the Bonus

Name of emergency contact and phone number:

Any additional T-shirts will be $20 per shirt.

Note: Each participant(s) will receive an official Heart of Texas t-shirt.

Entry fee: $40 for single rider. $50 for two up riders.

Send the Application and fee to:

James Stovall
6405 Arden Rd, Sp #40
Amarillo, TX 79109

Make checks payable to: James Stovall

When I receive your application and entry fee you will be listed on the Ride Masters site:
http://rides.jasonjonas.com/ riderList.php?rcid=0&id=204

The host hotel and Heart of Texas Rally finish is at the Holiday Inn Express, 2320
South Bridge St., Brady, TX
. A special rate has been set up for rooms at the
Holiday Inn for $93.50. To make reservations call (877) 863-4780. You’ll need to
tell them that you are with the Heart of Texas Rally to receive the lower room
rate. If you have any questions please contact me at: jasstovall@gmail.com or
call 806-290-4979.

Please note: I have the right to cancel the 2012 Heart of Texas at any time
before or on April 28th, 2012. If the 2012 Heart of Texas Rally is cancel before or
on April 8th, 2012, all entry fees will be 100% refundable. After April 8th, 2012 all
fees will be refunded minus administration costs.


For additional information, feel free to e-mail the rallymaster.


James Stovall
- HOT Rallymaster

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